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Illinois Prisons Discriminatory Employment Practices: Sheridan Correctional Center

Posted by C.L.I.C.K. for Social Change on January 5, 2010


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Illinois Prison Discriminatory Employment Practices: Sheridan Correctional Center

Posted by C.L.I.C.K. for Social Change on January 5, 2010

The Illinois Department of Corrections’ Sheridan Correctional Center engaged in discriminatory employment practices with AFSCME Local 31, WestCare Foundation, Inc., Rod Blagojevich, and others

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C.L.I.C.K. for Justice and Equality

Posted by C.L.I.C.K. for Social Change on January 5, 2010

From ancient Egyptian philosophers spoken and written of by Molefi Asante, Jacob Caruthers, Chiek Anta Diop and Psychologist Wade Noble; to ancient Greek thinkers like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle; to Christian philosophers such as Augustine, Anselm, Aquinas and R.C. Sproul; to the shapers of modern thought such as Hume, Kant, Nietzsche, Illinois Congressman Danny Davis and Dr. Terra Thomas; What are the consequences of each of these thinkers and other important thinkers’ ideas on world events, theology, the fine arts and culture? Are we, as a society, still scratching to survive our ideologies? Many of us work, interact and socialize with each other because we have too. There is a small percentage of those who do it because they want too. We draw racial and political boundaries to protect ourselves from being known for who we really are. What is your contribution to this trivia?

C.L.I.C.K. Services, NFP is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code. C.L.I.C.K. is a public charity. C.L.I.C.K.’s charitable status includes, but is not limited to, relief of the poor, the distressed or the underprivileged lessening the burdens of government, lessening neighborhood tensions, eliminating prejudice and discrimination, defending human and civil rights secured by law, and combating community deterioration and juvenile delinquency. C.L.I.C.K. will process donations and contributions toward its vision and mission statements. Your donations/contributions, no matter how small, will assist in providing needed housing and services to our consumers. One Act of Random Kindness (A.R.K.) helps us all.

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Lakeview Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre, Inc. – Are your family members receiving the care you desire?

Posted by C.L.I.C.K. for Social Change on April 18, 2009

April 17, 2009


Lakeview Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre, Inc.

Mr. Ted O’Brien, Administrator

735 West Diversey Parkway

Chicago, Illinois 60614


Mr. O’Brien:


On April 15, 2009 I met with a team of Lakeview Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre, Inc. (Lakeview) “professionals” who profess to be involved with the services being rendered to my uncle Eddie Nance (Eddie) at Lakeview. I asked for this meeting because I was left out of Eddie’s Quarterly Care Plan process, which I had asked to be in attendance.


I asked these individuals to identify who they are and the service or department they represent at Lakeview. These individuals are: Mavis (Restorative), Carlos (Activities), Ruth (Dietary), Lois (Nursing), David (Social Services), Ann (Social Services), Angel (Minimum Data Set (M.D.S.)) and Sylvia (M.D.S.). I am writing this letter because I left a voice mail for you on April 17, 2009 and did not get a return phone call about my issues and complaint about this “Care Plan” process on April 17, 2009. I am also writing this letter because of the humiliation I suffered due to Carlos’ harassing and intimidating statements to me. Here is a brief account/summary of my experience.


Someone from this group ask me why I requested this meeting. I informed them I wanted to be part of Eddie’s Quarterly Care Plan process. I informed them that I attended Eddie’s Care Plan early in the year (January 2009), and that I should have been invited to the Care Plan meeting in March 2009. I informed them I requested in January 2009 to be part of this process. I informed them that I have been working in social services for nearly 15 years, and that I wanted to be part of this process because I did not want Eddie to suffer any negligence during his stay at Lakeview.


Someone from this group ask me if there were any issues I wanted to discuss. I informed them I wanted to talk about Eddie’s hygiene, diet and clothing. I informed them of Eddie’s most recent visit to his dentist office. I informed them that Eddie was dressed in dirty clothing that was not part of the clothing I bought for him to wear. The clothing Eddie had on did not belong to him. I informed them that the dentist told me that Eddie’s mouth was not healing because he was not taking his dentures out of his mouth when sleeping, and that I should tell the nursing home to assure Eddie takes his dentures out at night, which I did the very first day Eddie received his dentures. I informed them that during my visit today that Eddie’s room was dirty and that saliva was all over the floor, where I had to engage some personnel to clean it up. I began telling them how this type of service was not going to be tolerated, and that Eddie had family who were concerned about him. I informed them that from my social service experience people are not necessarily neglected by employees on purpose. I informed them that many patients/clients are not exposed to neglect when staff know family or friends are actively involved in the patient/client’s human and social experience.


As this staff and I discussed my issues and I would not let this staff blame the dentist for Eddie’s dentistry issues, staff person Carlos told me I did not have to get defensive. I resented this statement and began informing this staff of their responsibility to provide comprehensive and optimal service to Eddie. Staff person Lois wanted to know why Eddie was getting dentistry service outside of Lakeview’s dentist program. I informed her that I pursued dentistry for Eddie from his beginning presence in Lakeview, which was May of 2008 through December 2008. I informed staff person Lois that I asked Lakeview Social Service person David in May of 2008 to schedule an appointment for Eddie with a dentist. The reason I asked David to schedule a dentist appointment for Eddie is because David informed me that Lakeview has a dentist program for its patients. After waiting over 6 months for a dentist appointment for Eddie, I decided to locate and schedule Eddie a dentist appointment. Eddie now has dentures. Staff person Lois looked at staff person David who was responsible for this service. Staff person David gave no response.


Staff person Carlos began asking Eddie if he wanted me present during his Care Plan meetings. Eddie nodded his head yes because Eddie cannot speak English fluently due to his stroke. As I continued arguing my issues of neglect by Lakeview staff, staff person Carlos periodically and intentionally continued asking Eddie if he wanted me present during his Care Plan process. Eddie nodded his head yes. I informed staff person Carlos that I was going to be part of Eddie’s Care Plan process whether Eddie wanted me or not because Eddie had no idea of what was going on with his services at Lakeview and Eddie did not know what kind of service to expect from Lakeview. Staff person Carlos again told me I should not get so defensive.


Eddie’s stroke affected his speech and left arm. Due to my limited medical experience, I do not know or understand other effects the stroke may have on Eddie. Eddie cannot speak words that are understandable. I thought that if Eddie had teeth in his mouth, it might assist in the re-development of speech. Eddie was receiving speech therapy at Lakeview. Eddie’s speech therapy was stopped. I was told by some “professionals” at Lakeview during Eddie’s January quarterly care plan that the speech therapy was to assist Eddie in swallowing his food. I was told that once Eddie was able to swallow his food without choking, his speech therapy would be stopped because his insurance would only pay for a particular period of time for the development of speech for a stroke victim. I was also provided another explanation. I was told that Eddie’s speech therapy would not help him speak again because if he was going to be able to speak after a stroke he would have started speaking by now. Empirical and statistical data does not support this prognosis.


This is what I have done for Eddie since I have been engaged in his services due to his stroke:


I had to engage and obtain Eddie’s Medicaid status with the State of Illinois’ Department of Human Services. As of August 27, 2008 Eddie’s Medical Assistance was approved. This approval was supplemented with medical eligibility back-dating to February of 2008, which covered his Warren Barr Pavilion experience/cost also. This should have been navigated and facilitated by Lakeview nursing home or his initial nursing home (Warren Barr Pavilion on Oak Street, Chicago Illinois) and/or the Veterans Administration (VA) on Taylor Street in Chicago, Illinois when they knew they would not be paying for Eddie’s medical bills due to his stroke. Eddie was in a real war. Eddie was in World War II. Eddie’s brother Otha reports the VA told him that Eddie had to go to a nursing home because his illness was not serious enough to acquire a bed.


I have bought clothing, labeled it and documented it in Eddie’s Lakeview file. I bought enough clothing for Eddie where he did not have to clothe in other people’s clothing. Eddie has had many appointments with the dentist. I have met Eddie at every one his dentist appointments. This is where I have seen Eddie with other people’s clothing on. Not only did Eddie have other people’s clothing on, the clothing was dirty and smelled. When I met Eddie for his dentist appointment on April 9, 2009 I reported to you by phone message and through a return call you initiated to me that Eddie’s right shoe had dried food on it, and that Eddie was wearing other people’s clothing that was dirty and smelled.


I decided to write this letter and post it on my blogs because of how I felt humiliated and embarrassed by the harassing remarks of Carlos, your Activities employee. He gave my service in the field, my credentials and professionalism no respect. Discussing this on April 15, 2009 with your team of “professionals” was too much for Carlos. All he could think to say is I am being “defensive” for addressing these issues. Carlos was not going to let the staff of Lakeview take any responsibility for their acts of negligence. It appears that Carlos was attempting to deny me access to Eddie’s Care Plan process, thus shutting down any possible future analysis of service at Lakeview. At one point, I had to explain to your staff that I have been involved with personal litigation as I ask them to stop asking Eddie leading questions to get answers that would invalidate my issues and their neglect. I ask your “professionals” to ask Eddie questions that would elicit Eddie’s answer, not the answers they desire. I informed them that we were seeking the truth, not protection for Lakeview. I informed them that we are humans and we make mistakes. I informed them that making mistakes is common. I informed them that I requested this meeting to stop the mistakes, not to blame someone for error.


Lois and Sylvia were the most responsible staff you had at the table on April 15, 2009. The others seemed irritated with my discussion of their responsibility to the residents of Lakeview and their families. There was talk by this team of “professionals” and yourself of the re-organization of Lakeview. This supports my report. If it were not broken, you would not be fixing it.


Sir, your staff never talked about what was discussed and agreed upon  when they held Eddie’s quarterly care plan where I was excluded. This is why I requested the meeting. What does this tell you about your staff? This meeting was not supposed to be about the issues I present here. It was supposed to be about the ongoing “professional” care of Eddie, and how is that being demonstrated, facilitated and generated in his care plan for this quarter. WE never reached this objective. Your staff resented my presence and request. This was demonstrated by their behaviors.


Respectfully submitted,



Fred Nance Jr., ABD, MA, CADC, NCRS

Counselor/Therapist, Social Policy Analyst



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Negligent/Discriminatory Practices and Indifferent Treatment by Toyota Franchises

Posted by C.L.I.C.K. for Social Change on April 16, 2009

April 15, 2009


Toyota Motor Sales USA

Mr. Yuki Funo, CEO Toyota North America

19001 So. Western Ave., Dept. WC11

Torrance, California 90509


Toyota Financial Services

Mr. George Borste, President & CEO

19851 So. Western Avenue

Torrance, California 90509


Account Number: 03-0612-CF718


My name is Fred Nance Jr. My wife, Darlene Bouyer-Nance, leased a 2008 Toyota Camry from Orland Park Toyota in Illinois. This is Darlene’s 2nd or 3rd lease vehicle from Orland Park Toyota. Darlene went to River Oaks Toyota in Calumet City, Illinois to have this car serviced. Darlene was considered the purchase of a new car from Toyota.


2008 Toyota Camry Repair:


On or about April 7, 2009 Darlene took her “leased” 2008 Toyota Camry to River Oaks Toyota in Calumet City, Illinois. Darlene informed the service advisor (Demetric Campbell #329 is on the receipt/invoice) that her trunk would not open without inserting the key in the trunk lock. The service advisor informed Darlene he inspected the car and found that the latch was broken and inoperative. The service advisor informed Darlene River Oaks Toyota would have to order a trunk latch for the car. Attached is the paid receipt with the note “…needs a trunk latch.”


On or about April 8, 2009 Darlene and I took this “leased” 2008 Toyota Camry to the service department of Orland Park Toyota in Orland Park, Illinois. We explained to a service department employee that the trunk would only open with a key. The service department employee examined the car to see if it would open when lifting the latch inside the car. When it did not open, the service department person took the key to the car, inserted it in the trunk lock and turned it counter clockwise. After performing this task, the service department person went to the latch inside the car, pulled it up and the trunk opened. This service department person informed us that someone had put the trunk in “valet” mode. We have not gone anywhere where a valet serviced this car. Generally, I park the car to save money.


New Car Purchase:


On or about April 7, 2009 my wife engaged an African American salesperson at River Oaks Toyota to buy a new car, while her 2008 Toyota Camry was being serviced. This salesperson conducted a credit check, approved and qualified Darlene to “purchase” a 2009 Toyota Camry for approximately $24,000.00 with a $525.00 monthly payment for 60 months. This salesperson inspected the 2008 Toyota Camry and informed Darlene she would receive a $1700.00 rebate when she turned in the “leased” 2008 Toyota Camry. Darlene wanted to purchase the new Toyota Venza, but was informed she did not qualify for it even though her annual gross wages is $67,000.00.


On or about April 8, 2009 Darlene and I took her “leased” 2008 Toyota Camry to Joe Rizza Ford in Orland Park, Illinois engaging a Hispanic male as our salesperson. My wife was approved and qualified to purchase a 2010 Ford Truck for approximately $25,000.00 with a $4000.00 rebate. The Ford salesperson informed Darlene that she was “upside down” in her leased 2008 Toyota Camry. Nevertheless, the salesperson informed Darlene there would be no problem with her purchasing a car from them.


On or about April 8, 2009 Darlene and I entered the “showroom” of Orland Park Toyota in Orland Park, Illinois seeking to “buy” a new Toyota, which was the down the street from Joe Rizza Ford. We engaged salesperson Mr. John Tinault. Hector Torres greeted and engaged us as we stated our business for the day was to get out of the “leased” car and purchase a car. Mr. Torres stated he would have someone examine the lease as Mr. Tinault serviced us in choosing a car.


Darlene chose a 2010 Toyota Corolla for her purchase. The approximate cost of the car was $24,000.00. Mr. Tinault took Darlene’s personal information, filled out an application and took it to Mr. Torres. Mr. Tinault returned informing Darlene she did not qualify to return her “leased” car and buy a new car. We asked for an explanation, but Mr. Tinault refused an explanation but continued informing Darlene she did not qualify to return her “lease” car and purchase a new car. I asked Mr. Tinault for his business card. Mr. Tinault gave me an Orland Toyota business card where inserted his name stating he was a new employee and did not have business cards.


Negligent/Discriminatory Practices and Indifferent Treatment


River Oaks Toyota continues to manufacture false damages in their customer’s cars to promote their nefarious acts of deception and negligence. I talked to a previous salesperson of River Oaks Toyota who reports discussions between management and salespersons on their deceptive practices; reporting possible payoffs to officials and police officers of Calumet City, Illinois.


River Oaks Toyota continues its deceptive, negligent and unprofessional business practices. I wrote a letter to Mr. Jim Lebo in September of 2005 addressing these practices. I wrote a letter dated October 5, 2005 to the Office of the Attorney General, State of Illinois, Lisa Madigan Attorney General and Ms. Dolores Rodman, Citizen Advocate, Consumer Protection Division reporting these deceptive practices.


Orland Park Toyota continues its nefarious acts of retribution and retaliation against its customers. I wrote a letter to Mr. Yuki Funo and Mr. George Borste dated March 27, 2006 reporting a biased analysis of the 2003 Toyota Corolla Darlene “leased” from Orland Park Toyota. I have written other letters detailing these practices. It is our belief that we are being discriminated against and are being treated indifferently by Orland Park Toyota.


River Oaks Toyota and Joe Rizza Ford talked about the lease car being “upside down” in its worth. We have a lease agreement for 3 years, starting December 7, 2007 and ending on December 6, 2010. We are allowed 15,000 miles per 12 month period. River Oaks Toyota and Joe Rizza Ford offered rebates to off-set the difference of the worth of the “leased” 2008 Toyota Camry. Orland Park Toyota has rebates, but refused to give or offer Darlene their rebates. This is a retaliatory act against us. This discriminates against us. This is retribution for the letters I have written regarding their dealership services to us.


Mr. Funo and Mr. Borste: What will you do about these issues? What are our alternatives? What will you do about these dealerships operating in this manner, which reflects upon the integrity of Toyota? Does this issue rise to the level of arbitration? Also, please explain the “Optional Guarantee Automobile Protection and Optional Mechanics Breakdown Protection” that Darlene initialed on her “Motor Vehicle Lease Agreement Illinois.”


Gentlemen, pursuant to the “Fair Credit Act” I expect to receive a letter “detailing” why Darlene was refused purchase of the Toyota Camry from Orland Park Toyota in Orland Park, Illinois.


Respectfully submitted,


Fred Nance Jr., ABD, MA, CADC, NCRS  



Jim Lebo, General Manager River Oaks Toyota

Jess Jowalis, General Manager Orland Park Toyota

Toyota Financial Services

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Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: Illinois Department of Corrections and WestCare Foundation, Inc. Discriminatory Practices

Posted by C.L.I.C.K. for Social Change on January 30, 2009

January 29, 2009

Honorable President of the United States
Mr. Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500


Re: Bias and Prejudice Investigation by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Mr. President:

Please excuse me from taking your valuable time away from governing our country, but I must submit this writing seeking advocacy for shared beliefs in an honorable employment system free from discrimination and indifferent treatment along with responsible government intervention when an employment entity compromises the laws governing employment practices. At this time in your Presidency, it appears your priorities are focused on the economy and employment. This writing addresses both priorities. You signed a bill today, January 29, 2009, requiring women to get equal pay in employment, which also expands the time for filing discrimination claims. The lady to whom the bill reflects battled the powers to be for equal rights and pay for everyone. My fight is similar. I have been battling with the powers to be for equal employment under the law.

Background/History with the Illinois Department of Corrections:

First, I have been subjected to discrimination, marginalized and retaliated against because of my non-violent criminal drug convictions in 1988 and 1992. Sir, when I was sentenced in 1992 I did not have a G.E.D. I received my G.E.D. in Chicago’s county jail while waiting to go to the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC). I started going to college in prison. Once released in December of 1994, I achieved my Bachelor degree in General Studies with a focus on Social Science (1997) and a Master degree in Mental Health with a focus on Community Counseling (1999) from Roosevelt University in Chicago. I started my PhD program with Walden University in 1999. I will receive my PhD in Human Services with a focus on Social Policy Analysis and Planning in February of 2009.

While I was incarcerated in IDOC in 1992, I suffered racial discrimination, indifferent treatment and retaliation attempting to access the courts. I was still litigating my criminal convictions while incarcerated. When going to court from an IDOC prison in Vandalia, my legal papers were purposely taken and destroyed by IDOC personnel. The legal papers contained information against Judge Paul Foxgrover who convicted me and my personal lawyer William Swano. Paul Foxgrover was convicted of a felony 18 months after convicting me receiving a 6-year sentence, and Attorney Swano was convicted in Operation Greylord and disbarred.

I filed a civil action against IDOC for denying access to court, with the caption Fred Nance Jr. v. J.D. Vieregge, et al. The District Court denied my claims. The U.S. District Court of Appeals overruled the District Court on appeal stating “Nance has two options, which are not mutually exclusive: to seek damages in state court for the value of the photocopies as ordinary personal property; and to initiate a collateral attack or request for pardon concerning the judgment that rests on his guilty plea.” As stated above, this Appellate Court overturned the lower court’s decision dismissing my original complaint stating I had not pleaded facts showing that Vieregge acted deliberately. I did not know about this Appellate court decision until 2005. I was litigating another matter regarding “access to court” in the Federal court when through my research I found my case. I filed for clemency with Governor Blagojevich in October of 2006. Governor Blagojevich never responded to my petition for clemency.

After I filed my civil complaint against IDOC and J.D. Vieregge, IDOC transferred me from a minimum security prison to a medium security prison. I was put in segregation because I complained about my missing legal papers. I was put in segregation 2 more times bogusly for administrative reasons. I was transferred 2 more times to various Southern Illinois institutions with IDOC knowing I would not get visitation because my relatives lived in the Chicago area. My wife of 16 years was murdered on July 5, 1993 while I was incarcerated. My daughter, who was 9-years-old at the time, found my wife’s body lying in the alley behind the house where they were living. IDOC refused to let me attend my wife’s funeral and visit with my children at the funeral home.

Present matter with IDOC and EEOC:

Second, I filed 2 charges, one on April 16, 2007 and one on May 12, 2008, for employment discrimination based on race, sex, age and retaliation against the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) and WestCare Foundation, Inc. (WestCare) with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which has been severely hindered and nefariously interrupted with biases and prejudices by staff of the Chicago District office of EEOC.

Facts: I applied for a counseling employment position with Gateway Foundation, Inc. (Gateway) on or about April 2005. Gateway had the State of Illinois counseling contract with IDOC at Sheridan Correctional Center (Sheridan). IDOC refused my employment and security clearance. I appealed IDOC’s decision. One of the issues for my denial of employment with IDOC was that I visited my brother while he was in prison. I was not a convicted felon when I visited my brother. In April of 2006 I was granted a security clearance to work at Sheridan.

I reported for work on May 1, 2006. On June 6, 2006 AFSCME the union had a strike at Sheridan. I tried to come to work and cross the picket line. Sheridan’s Warden Michael Rothwell denied me access to work. Warden Rothwell and a person who identified himself as an Assistant Director in Springfield informed me I could not cross the picket lines and go to work. They would not tell me why I could not cross the picket lines.

I filed for unemployment compensation. I was denied because IDOC said I was off from work because of misconduct. Upon successful appeal with the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) I received my benefits. I was identified as “non-participatory” with IDES in this matter. IDES reported in its summary “…The unemployment of the “non-participatory” claimant-appellants is not due to a work stoppage caused by the labor dispute…there was one efficient cause of the claimants’ unemployment and it was not the labor dispute. It was the unilateral actions of IDOC…The actions of IDOC were a separate and the only cause of the claimant’s unemployment.” After this decision and my return to employment on September 6, 2006 I was retaliated against by IDOC personnel and the administration at Sheridan.

I suffered race, sex, and age discrimination in my job duties, promotions and job placement at Sheridan with IDOC personnel and WestCare employees. I was denied supervisory promotions several times while white and black females, younger than me, were placed in the supervisory position with less experience than I. I was discriminated against when IDOC and its staff denied me access to work while allowing white males and females, younger than me, to cross the picket lines. Yet, EEOC says I have no case. EEOC has all the documents I am sending you.

Ms. Janel Smith is the investigator on my cases with EEOC. I have complained continuously to her supervisor since filing my charges about her biases and prejudices toward me and my endeavors for EEOC to litigate my charges against IDOC and WestCare. Finally, I wrote President Bush whose office forwarded my complaint to Chicago’s District office Director, Mr. John P. Rowe, where my EEOC charge is filed. I thought Mr. Rowe would monitor the process.

These events are documented in detail on my blogs. The letter to President Bush is posted on your website. I will be posting this letter on your website. My intention by posting this issue is to demonstrate the inadequacy of EEOC and the discriminatory practices of IDOC and WestCare. Also, I believe there is an unethical and unnatural partnership between EEOC and IDOC, along with WestCare. Let us not forget about Governor Blagojevich and Illinois politics. This is real.

Sir, it is rare we find someone of your integrity and honesty. Even though you practiced law in Chicago, you did not taint your character and behavior. For that, I applaud you. Since the EEOC is a Federal entity, I plead with you for your intervention. Ms. Janel Smith informed me on Tuesday, January 27, 2009 and on Thursday, January 29, 2009, that my charges with EEOC were being terminated. On Tuesday I asked Ms. Smith did IDOC tell her why they took my security clearance. Ms. Smith told me that IDOC did not want me working at Sheridan. On Thursday Ms. Smith told me that IDOC and WestCare told her I was locked out for poor performance and misconduct. I wrote a letter to Director Roger Walker on July 30, 2008 requesting a reason for being lockout of Sheridan and my employment. Mr. Walker never answered my certified letter to him. I asked Ms. Smith did IDOC and WestCare provide written documentation for this charge against me. Ms. Smith said they sent her the same documents I gave her. What does this mean? I told Ms. Smith that WestCare sent me a letter telling me that I was terminated because IDOC locked me out. I informed Ms. Smith that I worked for WestCare and not for IDOC. Therefore, how could IDOC say that I was locked out for poor performance and misconduct?

It seems strange as I told Ms. Smith that she would call me now after I e-mailed her last week requesting status on my charges. It appears on its face that she decided as she has tried to do all of last year to dismiss my charges. Ms. Smith once told me that EEOC does not have the manpower or resources to properly address the discriminatory charges I bring before it.

Where I do I fit in this scenario? I guess I get sacrificed. I guess IDOC’s discriminatory actions continue. Sheridan’s substance abuse program is supposed to reduce recidivism. How can it promote such a charge if it is not willing to work with those who have rehabilitated themselves? It may be due to my personal rehabilitation because IDOC had nothing to do with mine. I am enclosing the following documents with this correspondence:

EEOC charges 440-2007-04512 (original and amended) & 440-2008-05507

Illinois Department of Human Rights control #s 090714051 (WestCare) & 090714051 (IDOC)

Initial letter to Rod Blagojevich dated June 6, 2006 regarding IDOC denying access to cross the picket lines at Sheridan

Illinois Department of Employment Security responses to my claim for benefits (discharge for misconduct, Labor Dispute Determination (I appealed decision), Recommended Decision after appeal, Decision of the Director of Employment Security giving me my unemployment benefits)

Termination letter from WestCare Foundation Inc.

Letter to Governor Blagojevich dated May 12, 2008

Letter to President Bush dated May 19, 2008

Letter received from EEOC Director John P. Rowe dated June 23, 2008 responding to President Bush’s letter

Letter to IDOC Director Mr. Roger Walker and Asst. Director Deanne Benos dated July 30, 2008 requesting a reason for taking my security clearance

Appellate Court decision Fred Nance Jr. v. J.D. Vieregge et al

Profile of Judge Paul Foxgrover from an Internet address

Petition for Post Conviction Relief filed by Attorney Roosevelt Thomas, my 3rd lawyer in my conviction case

Respectfully submitted,

Fred Nance Jr., ABD, MA, CADC, NCRS


President Obama’s website and Certified Mail
Mr. Patrick Quinn, Governor of Illinois (Certified Mail)
Mr. John P. Rowe, District Director, Chicago District Office (fax this letter only)

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Utica Illinois: Racism is alive and well

Posted by C.L.I.C.K. for Social Change on January 27, 2009

Update: March 3, 2009

This writing will be posted on President Obama’s website.

This is an e-mail I received from Ms. Robin. She gave me permission to post it on my blogs. Mr. President (President Obama) this woman should not have to live like this in America. It appears that local authorities, such as the Utica police department, Illinois State police, the District Attorney for Utica Illinois are turning a “blind”eye to this lady’s circumstances. How long must she go through this ordeal with a racist neighbor whose behavior is criminal in nature, along with violating Mr. Robin’s civil rights? Who will defend her honor and integrity? Can you assist her since no one else will? This is the e-mail Ms. Robin sent me. I did not edit it. How it reads, is how it came to me.

Hello Fred:

My apologies for taking so long to get back with you.  The day of the meeting in Jan. I received a call from the mayor, he asked me if my intentions were to still come to the city meeting that evening. I did tell him that I had all intentions of being there, and that is when he began to explain the problems that would arise by my attendance. He went on to say that if I attended that Mr Johnson would also be there and it would turn into a screaming match. I told him I do not have to scream to be heard. He also told me that it would be very hard for me to prove what I was stating, ( I suppose all the eye witnesses  would be meaningless) and that it would become a He said She said issue. He also in a gentleman way asked me not to attend but if I felt that by attending it might serve a purpose then I should come, but what he really was asking that I do not come. He said that anything that I needed to call him personally and he would take care of it.  Ha Ha, at this point I have to laugh at how things are dealt with here. I brought up in the conversation that I had to have a fence installed between our properties, and even if I placed it within 1 ft of my property I would be dealing with Mr Johnson’s attacks if I stepped on the other side to maintain the fence and any overgrowth along the fence line and what and how I would then have to deal with the city if I was not able to step around my fence to maintain it. I also brought to his attention the illegal No parking signs Mr Johnson had erected in front of his home ( the city came out the next morning and removed them ) There is also the fact that Mr. Johnson runs a business in a building on his property and I stated how that was unfair to others that run legal business in town that had to pay taxes and also they are in a commercial zoning and he was in a residential I brought up these things because I want to send a message to Mr Johnson that he is not above the law.

In a gentleman way he asked if I did not attend because of the discord that would take place. I reminded him I have been dealing with discord for more than one evening. A few days after the meeting I went into our local grocery store, while I was in there I ran into a neighbor from down my street and also a candidate that is running for mayor against our present one in the upcoming election. While I stood at the checkout he walked up and said to me “Hi neighbor, I didn’t see you at the city meeting in Jan. They had posted on the agenda that it was a discussion of you and Mr. Johnson,” I replied, that “due to the weather and that I had a conversation with the mayor the day of the meeting I decided not to go”. He then replied back, ” That’s all everyone in town is talking about, I was hoping to see a showdown between the two of you”, then went on to tell me that he had ran into Mr. Johnson in the same store recently, and thought he would not tell me what he said, but that he said some things to aggravate Mr. Johnson about me and then he left the store quickly, so the girl that works there at the store would have listen to Mr. Johnson ranting about his comments. He also told me that he along with other people find it funny of what has been going on between myself and Mr. Johnson”. I was so furious I could not talk. I thought how could anyone find this humorous?  I am happy to hear that there are people that live here including a neighbor who is running for mayor can sit and laugh at my expense over an issue that is serious. This shows me the mentality of how things are viewed here. This person’s name is Jimmy Shrader and with my conversations with him, shows me the immaturity that he has and is not capable to oversee even a small town such as ours.

Because the weather turned very bad that night I did not attend, but I have been taking measures that will not only prove legally what Mr. Johnson has been doing. New Years day my husband came home and was taking the garbage out. Mr. Johnson came running out of his house yelling at my husband ” pay backs are hell buddy” and you’re gonna get yours” My husband came in the house and asked what was he talking about. I did not hesitate I called the police, what Mr. Johnson was saying was a threat. Jerry from the K-9 unit responded along with the conservation and state police. Mr Johnson denied what he said which Jerry stated he always does. But I have not heard a word from Mr Johnson since.
When I was at the last meeting, I brought up that I was going to have a guard dog on my property and I wanted to know what breed would not be allowed according to the city ordinances. Jerry from the K-9 unit asked if I did get one to let him know.

In the meantime I have traveled to Ohio and bought a Doberman puppy that it being trained to be a family pet but also to be obedient to watch our property. I had a conversation with Jerry from the K-9 unit that I had gotten her and she was starting training. I also wanted him to be aware in case he would have to be called again to come to our house. I asked him to spend time with her also, so she is familiar with him. Right now she is 9 weeks old and is like having another 2 yr old in the house. I do want her to be approachable, but obedient. She is doing well at this time in her training and she will be not only a faithful family dog but also a dog that will not allow intruders to trespass.

I chose this breed as a psychological effect it will have when others approach us or our property, but also they are very good family dogs.  I am also having installed video surveillance alongside that faces Mr Johnson’s property. Once weather breaks my yard will be totally fenced in, unfortunate it will look like a fortress but some of this I do to send a message that I will not tolerate trespassers and it will block any views that Mr and Mrs Johnson from sitting in their windows watching to see what we are doing here on our property.
With all the interruptions while trying to get the house erected it caused a delay which affected my home loan which was cancelled out yesterday and I have to restart the whole loan process again. It was disheartening but I am not one to lie down and give up, so I am beginning the process of re-filing once again all my paperwork for the bank.
In the meantime I have had the builders of my home send me an intimidating letter which I then forward this to my attorney. I contacted them to tell them I was not going to tolerate tactics such as theirs and that under the advice of my attorney not to have any more contact with them.

Because of the many delays that have taken place, with my contractors while they tried to work around Mr. Johnson. My loan process went into 6 months sitting on a underwriters desk filed approved to no loan at all, and this after 3 missed closing dates. So now I am dealing with threats of legal actions from the builders while I began a new loan process.

I will get through it as many other obstacles that have come my way. But it does get tiresome.
I am not letting the city off the hook here. I am going to continue to hold them responsible to do their job. When the fence construction begins I have a video cam to tape the process and any outburst that might arise from it. The two officers that have been supportive of me told me the more paperwork I have it will give me the sources needed in the courts.

When all this is completed, I am going to look into any legal actions I may be able to take against Mr. Johnson that contributed to the delays in rebuilding. I do have some contractors that are working with me still and are very understanding with everything that has taken place here and are willing to go into court to testify.
So at this moment that is where things are. The quietness will only be until warm weather comes, that is his pattern.

Update: February 19, 2009
I will post Mrs. Robin’s e-mail in a few days.

February 19, 2009

Illinois State Police

Mr. Larry G. Trent, Director

801 South Seventh Street, Suite 1100-S

P.O. Box 19461

Springfield, Illinois 62794-9461

Re:       Racism in Utica Illinois – Mrs. Robin xxxxxx

Mr. Trent:

I am in receipt of your letter to me dated January 16, 2009 addressing the racial acts perpetrated against Mrs. Robin by her neighbor Mr. Dick Johnson in Utica Illinois. Your letter states in part “…According to the attorney for the city of North Utica, the complainant, Mrs. Robin, was scheduled to voice her allegations before the Mayor of Utica and the Village Board of Trustees on January 14, 2009. Mrs. Robin’s presentation to the Board is an appropriate course of action in seeking a resolution to this matter.” This is ludicrous and a miscarriage of justice.


I received another e-mail from Mrs. Robin reporting that Mayor Fred Esmond of Utica Illinois asked her not to attend this meeting. Mrs. Robin did not attend the meeting. Mr. Dick Johnson’s racist behavior continues. If this was a black man perpetrating this racial hatred to a family, your office or any police official would have arrested him. They would not tell the victim to attend a public Village Board meeting to address their issues. What Mr. Johnson has done to Mrs. Robin and her family is criminal in nature.


Since U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has had the courage to stand up and address racism in the United States, I will forward all material I have submitted to you (all e-mails from Mrs. Robin), your letter to me and this letter to you. I will send to you with this letter the most recent e-mail, since you have all of the other material listed above, that I received Mrs. Robin regarding her issues of racial disparities and indifferent treatment with law enforcement in Utica Illinois.


Respectfully submitted,



Fred Nance Jr., ABD, MA, CADC, NCRS

Social Policy Analyst

P.O. Box 93

Thornton, Illinois 60476


cc:        U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

            Mr. Larry G. Trent, Director Illinois State Police (U.S. mail & fax)

            Mr. Ed Kelly, Assistant State’s Attorney, LaSalle County, Ottawa Illinois (fax)

Update: January 27, 2009
Update: January 3, 2009
Hello Mr Nance
In Dec. I did not make the deadline to turn in my agenda for the Dec city counsel meeting, however I did attend and was able to speak at the end of the meeting about the issue with my neighbor and what could be done to stop it.
While I addressed the issue of the conflict of interest with the chief of police, he left the room, however there was another police officer that was there and also assured me he would be watching out for me. Things became very quiet here until this last week.
After talking to 2 contractors almost begging them to finish up my siding on my home so I could get the appraiser here, neither would do it due to the fact of the neighbor, so this past tues. I was able to get a contractor from downstate IL to come up and finish the work. While they were unloading their supplies in the back which at this time the only access to my home is from the alley.
Mr. Johnson called the police complaining about the alley blocked which in fact there was plenty of room for the police officer to drive around their truck. I let it go and kept my self focused on tying up loose ends that needed to be done before the appraiser came yesterday. However Mr Johnson had an incident which I was not aware of until my husband went outside thurs to pick up any left over pieces from the siders.
Mr Johnson came out in his yard screaming at my husband telling him he knew we threw dog feces on his truck and that he assured my husband ” paybacks are hell buddy and you’re going to get yours.” I did not hesitate I called LaSalle county and the Utica, conservation and state police came. I explained to them that Mr Johnson said he had an incident and that he was going to retaliate against us.
I am unsure if there even was an incident due to the fact the police did not even know about it, We told them that the last thing  we are going to do it give the man any reason to harass us. Jerry who is the K-9 unit went over and told Mr Johnson he was not going to threaten nor accuse us of something he had no knowledge of who did it.  Jerry did come back over and told me that he was going to file the report and he made it very clear that I needed the paper trail if I am going to get Mr Johnson to stop the harassment.I did obtain information from one of our local business people that this past summer the police chief gave a written notice to a lady in town that was yelling at a construction worker  working in front of her house.
Mr Bernadoni did tell the lady if she did it again she would go to jail. However he does not apply that to his friend Mr Johnson. My agenda will be coming up in the Jan meeting and I will be there to ensure something is done.When a person tells me that they are going to get even, I take that as a threat and I am not going to sit and wait to see what the man does. I am going to try and head things off before they happen.We were also told thurs by the police Mr Johnson is not going to stop and that this coming spring he will more than likely get worse while we are outside.  I am not going to allow this man for one more day make me fear of going outside even if it is to my car. I have dug my heels in and I am now focused to stop him.
I have realized he has some serious issues and it is though he is obsessed with creating problems. I realize I have to shove his issues back to him and not place them on us. One thing I am addressing to the board of why Mr Johnson is allowed to run a business in a building that is in a residential zone, without a licenses. I have a list of illegal city ordinances that Mr Johnson has on his property so I will use this to send a message that I will not tolerate what he is doing and that he is not above the law.
I am contacting a civil attorney to see what exactly I can do in the court system to bring Mr Johnson in front of a judge. Not only has Mr Johnson caused distress he has also cost me monies of three missed closing dates with the bank due to contractors walking off the job because of him screaming at them.  So I am in the process of putting my case together against him.
Thank you for emailing me and checking to see how things are going. I will keep you updated to what seems a never ending issue. May God Bless you and your family this New Year.                 –
Update: December 9, 2008
Illinois State Police
Office of the Director
Director Larry G. Trent
801 South Seventh Street
Springfield, Illinois 62794-9461
Mr. Trent:
Would you please conduct a formal investigation into the allegations set forth in the email correspondence I received from Ms. Robin xxxxxx? Since the Illinois LaSalle County Sheriff’s office and the Utica Illinois Chief of Police are at the center of the allegation, I believe it may be inappropriate for them to investigate themselves. Please respond. Thank You.
I faxed this correspondence with the emails to the Office of the Director Larry G. Trent. I will post this update on my blogs at,, and where this writing is originally posted.


Update: December 9, 2008
I sent certified mail to Utica Illinois Chief of Police Joseph Bernadoni requesting an investigation into this matter. I will send the Illinois State Police Director, Larry G. Trent, the letter addressed to Mayor Fred Esmond of Utica Illinois requesting an investigation due to the bias and prejudice of the Chief of Police involved in this matter.


Update: December 8, 2008
I have received confirmation correspondence from the Honorable States Attorney Brian J. Towne of the Office of the State’s Attorney LaSalle County, Illinois acknowledging receipt of my fax dated December 1, 2008. The correspondence suggest the “…duty of this office to bring criminal charges in court against perpetrators after a thorough investigation of a crime has been completed….”
It appears there has not been a criminal report filed with the Office of the State’s Attorney LaSalle County Illinois. The correspondence states “…In the above matter we have received no investigation reports and therefore have nothing to act on….” The Honorable Brian J. Towne suggest his office will file charges if they receive reports indicating a crime has been committed and it has sufficient evidence to pursue.
I have not heard anything from the Mayor of Utica Illinois, Mr. Fred Esmond. I have not heard anything from the Village Trustee Tom Guerrero who sits on committees responsible for the police, public health and safety. I have not heard anything from the LaSalle County Sheriff Tom Templeton. In an attempt to send this letter by fax to the Utica Illinois Chief of Police Joseph Bernadoni, I get a message requesting I leave a message for him. I will mail a copy of this letter to the Utica Illinois Chief of Police Joseph Bernadoni requesting an investigation.


Update: December 4, 2008

I have placed the Utica Illinois alleged racism writing on President-Elect Barack Obama’s website (posting titled “Racism in Illinois: What will the President-Elect do about it?). This is posted on the right side of my blog titled See this update on my blogs at:, and

I am requesting President-Elect Obama address racism in Illinois, particularly and specifically, Utica Illinois and the Sheridan Correctional Center in Sheridan Illinois. President-Elect Obama should select a sub-committee from his cabinet to address racism, disparate and indifferent treatment and separatism in his own State of Illinois along with encouraging lawmakers in the State of Illinois to enforce the current laws on the books that deal with these issues. The woman, her child and her family in Utica Illinois should be free from the tyranny of racism.

This woman’s neighbors have asked her why did she wait so long to make this public. She delayed reporting these nefarious incidents because of the fear of retaliation and oppression from the “elite” and oppressive social, legal and judicial structure of Utica and LaSalle County Illinois. This woman informed me she was encouraged to report this racism and abuse because of my writings on the subject of racism, which is on my blogs regarding my employment nightmares of racism and oppression at Sheridan Correctional Center in Sheridan Illinois. There have been many complaints in the past about the racist and oppressive government, legal and judicial structure of LaSalle County Illinois. This is exampled here where the legal and judicial structure have broken down in their assistance to this woman and her family to be free from the racist oppression and indifferent treatment of the Utica Chief of Police and LaSalle County Illinois’ legal system.

December 1, 2008

Village of North Utica Illinois
Honorable Mayor Fred Esmond
801 S. Clark Street
Utica, Illinois 61373

Mr. Mayor:

On Friday, November 28, 2008, at approximately 6:24 pm and Sunday, November 30, 2008 at approximately 4:12 pm I received emails responding to a writing I have on one of my blogs at This writing was from a resident of Utica Illinois. The resident, Ms. Robin, reports your Chief of Police, Joseph Bernadoni, is supporting racism, harassment and intimidation by not enforcing the laws of Illinois. She also reports Mr. Dick Johnson is harassing, intimidation and threatening her with racial slurs, which Joseph Bernadoni has witnessed. Ms. Robin reports there are police reports to support her allegations against these two men. Apparently, your office is aware of these threats of violence also. Why has Mr. Johnson not been arrested?

From the information provided to me in the email, which I will send you a copy, Ms. Robin resides at xxx W. Washington Street, Utica Illinois. Apparently, Ms. Robin has a neighbor, Mr. Dick Johnson, who harasses, intimidates, threatens and promotes racism and violence with his language to her. Ms. Robin reports calling your police department several times about being harassed, intimidated, and threatened with racism slurs, with no results. Ms. Robin reports one of your police officers stated there is no law against harassment. That is not true. There are laws for this type of crime. This is criminal behavior.

The following is reported in the emails I received from Ms. Robin:

“Racism is alive and well in Utica, IL. My husband and I adopted a bi-racial baby girl who is now 2 yrs. old. Since the adoption we have been dealing with a neighbor that has harassed, used intimidating and racial slurs on a routine basis whenever we are outside our home and within sight, this being done while the chief of police stands next to him and does nothing about it, not even a warning. Our home burnt this past June and this neighbor has done everything possible to stop my family and the contractors from rebuilding. This past Monday I had to call the LaSalle County Police because as I was standing in front of my home with the concrete contractors this man came running out cursing and screaming obscene language while the Chief of Police stood inside this man’s home and said nor did anything about it. Once the County police showed up I was informed by the officer that there was no law against harassment. My little girl, an innocent child is going to have to hear the N word from a racist neighbor while playing in her own yard. She will now be exposed to foul and volatile language while she is in her room playing if the window is open or if we go outside…The police chief Joe Bernadoni and this neighbor Dick Johnson are friends. ..When the building inspector went to my property to go over the measurements, he had to have a police officer with him. Last Monday when this newest incident occurred I was standing in the street in front of my home when he came across two lots to get to me. The LaSalle County officer when he did arrive spent more time running my name to see if I had any warrants than anything else. I told him I wanted something done about this man and that is when I was told there is no law against harassment. I asked him to write something so I would have at least a piece of paper that he was even there. He did go over and speak to the man and he himself witnessed the hostile personality yet did nothing. Since the beginning of losing my home this man has called the city attorney and mayor to try and stop me from rebuilding on my property. There is a city board meeting Dec 10th which I am going to attend. What I truly find amazing this man can be outside screaming obscene things at me while I am standing there holding my little girl and then go inside his home get dressed and walk across the street to the catholic church he is a member of and also a 4th degree knight with the Knights of Columbus. My husband works out of state and is only home on the weekends. He was upset with me that I am making this issue public, he tells me that It will isolate us in the community, and may create an enemy with the police chief…I am feeling fear due to the fact the man is unpredictable and he runs an illegal taxidermy shop next to us filled with guns. My town has a 99% white population and though many people support me it is only behind closed doors. I don’t know who to turn too to help stop this unexcusable and hideous behavior.”

This is outrageous!!! This is ludicrous!!! If this is true, the Chief of Police and Dick Johnson are cowards and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Why doesn’t Mr. Johnson harass a man? Only cowards do things as described in this email. The world needs to know that racism is alive in Utica Illinois. Also, from the information in this email it appears that you know about this situation Mr. Mayor. It also appears that your city attorneys know about this harassment, intimidation and threats of violence are taking place.

Therefore, I have posted this message on my blog at to alert the world of the character and behavior of the officials of Utica Illinois. I have contacted and sent these emails to The Times newspaper (serving Ottawa and Streator Illinois) and The Rainbow/PUSH Coalition. I am in the process of sending this correspondence to LaSalle County State’s Attorney Brian Towne.

Sir, I will send this correspondence to you by email and fax. I will send this correspondence to Mr. Tom Guerrero by email, who sits on the Village of Utica’s Committees Police, Public Health and Safety.

Mr. Mayor, how can you allow this woman to become a hostage to threats of violence in her own home? The people who are responsible for these acts should be prosecuted. If Chief of Police Joseph Bernadoni has working knowledge of these criminal acts, he should be prosecuted, fined, disciplined and fired. The burning of Ms. Robin home should be investigated to its fullest.

I was going to fax this correspondence to the LaSalle County Sheriff, Tom Templeton, and to the Chief of Police Joseph Bernadoni as a courtesy. After engaging a member of the LaSalle County Sheriff’s office, who identified himself as Corporal Carmean, who refused to give me a fax number for the LaSalle County Sheriff’s office and who did not know how to spell Sheriff Templeton’s name, I decided to forego this courtesy. I decided to forego the courtesy to Mr. Bernadoni because I may get the same hostility. They can read about it on my blog.

Respectfully submitted,

Fred Nance Jr.
Social Policy Analyst

I received a letter dated January 16, 2009 from Illinois State Police Director Larry G. Trent. The  letter states “…I am in receipt of your e-mail and fax of the letter you received from Mrs. Robin…expressing concern about the alleged misconduct of the Chief of Police of North Utica. According to the attorney for the city of North Utica, the complainant, Mrs. Robin…, was scheduled to voice her allegations before the Mayor of Utica and the Village Board of Trustees on January 14, 2009. Mrs…presentation to the Board is an appropriate course of action in seeking a resolution to this matter…Hopefully, this meeting and any subsequent actions will provide a positive outcome for all involved in this unfortunate situation. Thank you for writing and expressing your concerns….”

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Illinois Department of Children and Family Services: Nefarious, Disparate, Bias, Prejudice and Indifferent Contractual Employment Practices

Posted by C.L.I.C.K. for Social Change on January 27, 2009

Update: January 27, 2009
I sent this correspondence for the first time to The Associates. I found out that The Associates application processes to provide services to DCFS clients has changed since employing me. Has DCFS punished The Associates for hiring me? What type of professional and ethical practice is Director Erwin McEwen allowing? Is it not enough that DCFS is punishing me? Are they punishing the entity that allowed me to work? Is this what President Obama is promoting? 
Update: January 27, 2009
This correspondence, in its entirety, is being sent by certified mail back to Director McEwen for a re-evaluation. In thinking more about the response letter I received from Mr. McEwen, I have to ask more questions about this particular response. Mr. McEwen states in his response letter “…DCFS determined that several of your convictions act as an automatic bar to any type of employment relationship with DCFS….” If this is true, why did Ms. Susan Campbell ask for additional information on a 30-year old arrest when she was supposed to be concerntrating on whether I had convictions? At first glance, it seems Mr. McEwen wants to paint this picture of multiple convictions, when there were 2 convictions with multiple charges. Any black man knows that when you get arrested in America there is never one charge given to any event. Multiple charges allow a State’s Attorney more leverage in obtaining their convictions.

This nefarious language and behavior of Mr. McEwen is unbecoming of a Director, as we might believe of Governor Rod Blagojevich nefarious behavior. Mr. McEwen language and character creates an atmosphere of indifferent and disparate treatment. The employment practices of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services under the leadership of Mr. McEwen is suspicious at least, and notorious at best. The actions taken here by Mr. McEwen’s department are retaliatory in nature.

Update: January 21, 2009

This message was posted on President Barack Obama’s website.

Sir, since you are officially President of the United States and you are dedicated to work toward the restoration of jobs, what will you do about the employment practices of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services?

January 26, 2009
On January 26, 2009 I received a response on DCFS official stationary with a pre-embossed “stamped” signature of the Director of DCFS, Erwin McEwen. In this letter it notes:
 “…any action taken regarding your employment and any questions regarding your employment status should be addressed directly to The Associates. The results of your DCFS background check are relevant only as they relate to the contractual relationship between The Associates and DCFS…In this case, after review of your file it appears the original assessment of failed background check, based on your failure to disclose all of your convictions on the CMS 100 and CMS 284 forms, was in accordance with DCFS practices…Also, upon further review, DCFS determined that several of your convictions act as an automatic bar to any type of employment relationship with DCFS…under DCFS Rule 385….”

This response from Director Erwin McEwen is flawed in many aspects and reflects “class” discriminatory, disparate and indifferent treatment in their employment practices.

1. I was employed by the Associates to provide counseling/therapy to DCFS clients. This employment was restricted to this DCFS population. 

2. The author of this letter uses the word “appears” to describe their original assessment. This leads one to think they are not sure of what their “assessment” disclosed or determined.

3. On CMS form 100 it states “…If your answer to any of the following questions is “yes” please attach a signed, detailed explanation…Have you ever pled guilty to or been convicted of any criminal offense other than a minor traffic violation?….” On CMS form 284 it states “…Applicant Background Information…Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense other than a minor traffic violation?…If your answer to the foregoing question is “yes” please provide a detailed statement for each such occurrence….” I submitted a “detailed” type-written explanation to the Associates regarding my convictions, which applied to both documents. This “detailed” explanation was submitted along with the CMS 100 and CMS 284 forms to The Associates when I applied for employment. No one contacted me requesting “additional” information on my convictions, as I was contacted by Ms. Susan Campbell requesting “additional” information on an arrest I had 30-years ago.

4. My convictions as they relate to this employment are not one of the enumerated crimes of DCFS Rule 385. Director Erwin McEwen or the author of this letter conveniently omits listing the “enumerated” crime to which he refers as an “automatic” bar to any type of employment relationship with DCFS.

This is the normal “class” discriminatory, indifferent, disparate and nefarious employment practices of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. 

I have to ask myself: Why didn’t they list the enumerated convictions of DCFS’ Rule 385 that “automatically” exempts me from employment with DCFS? This would be the honest and ethical thing to do.

I have to ask myself: What is a “detailed” explanation of a conviction? If the information I provided at first glance was not “detailed” enough, why not ask for additional information? The practice utilized against me is not the normal practice of DCFS.

When Ms. Susan Campbell of DCFS requested “additional” information for an “arrest” I had 30-years ago, she divulged the practice of DCFS IS TO ASK FOR ADDTIONAL INFORMATION.

I have been offended and discriminated against by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services!!!

January 8, 2009

Illinois Department of Children and Family Services
Mr. Erwin McEwen, Director
406 East Monroe Street
Springfield, Illinois 62701


Appeal of DCFS Decision to Terminate my Contractual Employment with The Associates

Mr. McEwen:

I was employed by The Associates (The Associates) to provide therapy to individuals who have active cases with the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). On January 8, 2009 at approximately 5:30 pm I was informed by The Associates that Mr. Lamont J. Haymond of Cook Region Contracts told them to terminate my employment. The Associates informed me that Mr. Haymond told them that I did not give full disclosure of my criminal history.

Sir, this is not true. There is something else going on here. I believe there are biases and prejudices against me having employment with DCFS customers/clients.

I filled out an application from The Associates to provide therapy that asked me if I had criminal convictions. I answered yes. I described 2 convictions, one in 1989 and the other in 1992 pursuant to a certified statement of convictions/dispositions from the Circuit Court, Illinois, which was part of the paperwork from my clemency appeal to the State of Illinois. No one from DCFS requested copies of this certification of convictions. What was requested from me was the dispositions of charges in the State of California for February 7th and 10th of 1971.

On or about September 29, 2008 I provided an official State of Illinois, Department of Children and Family Services Authorization for Fingerprinting by DCFS/Office of Employee Services form to The Associates by fax. On October 24, 2008 I was fingerprinted by Accurate Biometrics an authorized State of Illinois agent who provided my fingerprints to Illinois State Police and/or FBI. On October 30, 2008 I received an email from The Associates stating in part “…Your clearance for employment has passed and I’d like to officially welcome you to our agency….”

On or about December 4, 2008 Ms. Susan Campbell of DCFS Background Check Department sent Mr. Haymond an email with some charges on it and requested Mr. Haymond send an email to The Associates requesting I provide the disposition on these “charges” from the State of California stating she needed this information so that she can finish her background check on me. The dates of the “charges” are February 7, 1971 and February 10, 1971. I was given Ms. Campbell’s phone number, 217-557-1754.

I called Ms. Campbell informing her I did not have any criminal convictions in the State of California. I asked Ms. Campbell to provide me with an arrest and conviction report on me for the State of California because the copy of “charges” emailed to me did not have a description of the charge. Instead of providing me with a hard copy of the “charges” against me, Ms. Campbell told me over the phone what the “charges” were stating that she does not provide the local providers with this information. After getting the information from Ms. Campbell, I researched the State of California, Department of Justice inquiring how to obtain the disposition of these charges. I called Ms. Campbell informing her that the State of California, Department of Justice application states “…This application is not to used to obtain a copy of your record to furnish to another person or agency for immigration, visa, employment….” Ms. Campbell informed me she needed a disposition on the cases and that it was my responsibility to get it.

I went through the trouble and hassle of contacting the State of California, Department of Justice. The State of California, Department of Justice requested I provide a copy of my fingerprints. On December 12, 2008 I went to the South Holland police department and acquired my fingerprints. On December 8, 2008 I mailed my fingerprints and the State of California, Department of Justice’s application to obtain copy of State summary criminal history record. On or about December 22, 2008 I received correspondence dated December 21, 2008 from the State of California, Department of Justice, stating in part

“…This is in response to your inquiry concerning the existence of a California criminal history record within the files of the Department of Justice’s Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information. As of the date of this letter, a search of your fingerprints did not identify with any criminal history record maintained by this Bureau as provided by the California Penal Code Sections 11120-11127. Pursuant to California Penal Code section 11121, the purpose of a record review request is to afford an individual with a copy of their record and to refute any erroneous or inaccurate information contained therein. The intent is not to be used for licensing, certification or employment purposes. Additionally, California Penal Code sections 11125, 11142, and 11143 does not allow for a person or agency to make a request to another person to provide them with a copy of an individual’s criminal history or notification that a record does not exist….”

When I received this correspondence I sent it in an email to Mr. Haymond and The Associates. I called Ms. Campbell informing her I received this correspondence. I asked Ms. Campbell for her fax number so I could send it to her. Surprisingly, Ms. Campbell told me to send it to Mr. Haymond, and that Mr. Haymond will forward it to her. I wondered why Ms. Campbell wanted me to send it to Mr. Haymond when Ms. Campbell told me that she does not provide her local providers with specific information on an applicant’s arrest record.

Ms. Campbell knew she was not supposed to ask or request this information from me pursuant to California Penal Code. Ms. Campbell knew this was not to be used for employment purposes. Ms. Campbell had working knowledge of the State of California, Department of Justice statement. I would think DCFS has ways of obtaining a criminal background check, especially since DCFS took my fingerprints. I did not question Ms. Campbell’s motives. I just did what she requested.

Every day that passes without employment, my family suffers the economic woes of unemployment. I have suffered an injustice here. I am not sure of who is perpetrating this offense against me but I am sure if your office investigates the substantive issues I have raised you will uncover the culprit.

Sir, my criminal history is not a secret. I have it posted on my website at on the President’s Corner page. I have written about my criminal history and other social issues like this on my blogs at,, and

Sir, I am a social policy analyst. I write everyday about issues such as described in this appeal. I know I am being retaliated against by persons in DCFS. In addition, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services Rule 385 does not bar me from providing the therapeutic services I am contracted to do with The Associates and DCFS.

Please investigate. I will await your response before I post this appeal on my blogs.

Thank you.

Fred Nance Jr., ABD, MA, CADC, NCRS


Ms. Susan Campbell
Mr. Lamont J. Haymond

Update: January 10, 2009

On January 9, 2009 I called Mr. Haymond and left a message asking him to call to confirm he received the letter below that I sent to him by fax. Mr. Haymond did not returned my call. On January 9, 2009 I spoke to Ms. Susan Campbell. Ms. Campbell told me she did not tell anyone to terminate my employment. I asked Ms. Campbell for her fax number so I could send her the letter below.  Ms. Campbell refused to give me her fax number stating there was no appeal process. I informed Ms. Campbell I was going to post this writing on my blogs. Ms. Campbell stated she did not care what I did.
On January 9, 2009 I spoke to Mr. George Vennikandam from Director McEwen’s office downtown Chicago asking him did he receive the letter below I faxed to him. Mr. Vennikandam informed me he received the letter below and forwarded it to the Department Head of the criminal background division that investigates these matters. Mr. Vennikandam stated he could not guarantee the outcome, but would forward my letter to the criminal background supervisor of this department. 

Update: January 12, 2009

On January 12, 2009 at approximately 10:30 am I called and talked to Mr. Lamont J. Haymond. I informed Mr. Haymond that The Associates terminated my employment stating that he gave the order. I informed Mr. Haymond that I talked to Ms. Susan Campbell and she told me she did not give the order for my employment termination. Mr. Haymond reports that he told The Associates “there was something that I did not fully disclose, and that I could not work under the contract of The Associates.” I asked Mr. Haymond did he receive the correspondence below that I sent by fax and email that was an appeal on his decision to terminate my employment with The Associates. Mr. Haymond stated he would check his box and forward the correspondence to the appropriate person.

Update: January 13, 2009
To obtain employment for the position of counselor/therapist with The Associates who have a contractual agreement with the State of Illinois to provide services to families of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), I had to complete an Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS) 100 form. The title of this form is Examining/Employment Application.

Item #9 states “If your answer to any of the following questions is “yes” please attach a signed, detailed explanation.” I answered “yes” to Item #9 (B), which states in part “Have you ever pled guilty to or been convicted of any criminal offense other than a minor traffic violation?” I provided a “detailed” explanation of my convictions in 1989 and 1992 to the Associates that were passed on to DCFS. I was incarcerated in the Illinois Department of Corrections on January 16, 1992 and released on December 20, 1994. I was 42-years-old when I was incarcerated.

I did not have a high school diploma when I was incarcerated. I acquired my G.E.D. in the Cook County jail. I started college while incarcerated. I received my Bachelor degree in January 1995. I received my Master degree in September of 1999. I will receive my PhD in Human Services with a focus on Social Policy Analysis and Planning in February of 2009.

These convictions were non-violent. These convictions were not for child abuse or neglect, nor were they criminal acts against children. The convictions were drug related as stated in my “detailed” explanation. Item #9(B) pertaining to criminal convictions never asked or requested a detailed account of criminal arrest. Yet, Ms. Susan Campbell requested I get a disposition on an arrest I had in California in 1971, which is 37 years ago.

I completed another CMS form, which states “request for release of information.” This form is directed to the Director of the Illinois State Police. This form states in part “I, Fred Nance Jr., do hereby authorize the Illinois State Police to release information relative to the existence or nonexistence of any criminal record which it might have concerning me to any Department of the State of Illinois solely to determine my suitability for employment or continued employment with the State of Illinois. I further authorize any agency which maintains records relating to me to provide same on request to the Illinois State Police for the purpose of this investigation.” Ms. Susan Campbell and Mr. Lamont Haymond could have used this form to acquire any information it needed from another State.

I “fully” disclosed all information to DCFS regarding my criminal convictions to the best of my knowledge on “drug” convictions that happened 16 years ago. Any arrest needed by DCFS could be acquired from the documents I completed. Any further information needed by DCFS to “fully” disclose any criminal records could be acquired from the documents I completed. In no application I completed or was given did it demand I “fully” disclose information. Ms. Campbell and Mr. Haymond did not need to have me contact the State of California, Department of Justice, to acquire information for criminal arrests. Ms. Campbell and Mr. Haymond nefariously and maliciously acted with prejudice and bias in denying me the opportunity for employment with DCFS.

I went through the same prejudices and biases with the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) applying for employment with Gateway Foundation Inc. at Sheridan Correctional Center in June of 2005. After a bitter battle with IDOC about my professional credentials and criminal background, I was given security clearance to work at Sheridan Correctional Center in April of 2006. On May 14, 2008 IDOC rescinded my security clearance without giving any explanation. When IDOC took my security clearance without cause, WestCare Foundation Inc. who took over providing clinical services to the inmates at Sheridan Correctional Center on November 1, 2006 from Gateway Foundation Inc., terminated my employment. There is a conspiracy here to deny any employment to me with the State of Illinois.

Update: January 14, 2009
According to Director Erwin McEwen, the goal of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) is to protect children by strengthening and supporting families. According to Director McEwen, the mission of DCFS is to protect children who are reported to be abused or neglected and to increase their families’ capacity to safely care for them; to provide for the well-being of children in their care; to provide appropriate, permanent families as quickly as possible for those children who cannot safely return home; to support early intervention and child abuse prevention activities; and to work in partnerships with communities to fulfill this mission. According to Director McEwen, the vision of DCFS is committed to acting in the best interest of every child it serves and to helping families by increasing their ability to provide a safe environment for their children and by strengthening families who are at risk of abuse or neglect. It seems from the nefarious and malicious acts perpetrated against me by Susan Campbell and Lamont Haymond this may or may not be true.
I began my contractual counseling/therapy work for The Associates in October of 2008. Because of my background and previous social service work, my basic assignment was to work with the males of families. My caseload began with 2 families. In November of 2008, my caseload increased to 7 families. Ms. Susan Campbell and Mr. Lamont Haymond nefariously and maliciously took me away from the Goal, Mission and Vision of DCFS.
On or about December 5, 2007 Governor Blagojevich appointed Mr. Erwin McEwen Director of DCFS. Mr. McEwen had been “Acting” Director of DCFS since November of 2006. Before being appointed “Acting” Director of DCFS, Mr. McEwen served as Child Welfare Administrator at Lakeside Community Committee, where he oversaw the organization’s four core direct service programs, including foster care, extended family support services and pregnant and parenting teen services. Mr. McEwen has over 20 years of experience in providing social services to youth and families in the State of Illinois, and is committed to the well being and safety of Illinois’ children.
The first 2 families I was assigned to work with came from Lakeside Community Committee, the organization Mr. McEwen worked with before becoming Director of DCFS. Mr. McEwen understands the need for comprehensive and continuity of services. When Ms. Susan Campbell and Mr. Lamont Haymond decided to nefariously and maliciously take my employment with these families, they broke the comprehensive and continuity of services. Comprehensive and continuity of services are core values held by Mr. McEwen, which he so proudly and profanely holds too as most dedicated social service professionals. I am a dedicated social service professional.
I had another family where I worked with 2 young men. One of them was 12-years old, who had suffered tremendously in his young life. I remember one of the things he said to me as I began my work with him. He asked me, “Are you going to leave me like everyone else has done.” Of course I told him I was not going to leave him like others have done. I had no idea that there was someone like Susan Campbell lurking behind the curtains waiting to deprive me from my professional duties with such ludicrous and scandalous accusations that have no meaning within the scope of services for the population of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.

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Illinois Department of Central Management Services: Disparate and Indifferent Treatment

Posted by C.L.I.C.K. for Social Change on January 16, 2009

January 16, 2009

Illinois Department of Central Management Services
Mr. James P. Sledge, Director
500 Stratton Office Building
401 South Spring Street
Springfield, Illinois 62706


CMS Social Worker Status

Mr. Sledge:

On January 5, 2009 I appealed a failed grade of Social Worker II. On January 15, 2009 I received a letter from Ms. Crystal Filson stating that I failed to meet the minimum requirements for Social Worker II, which she reports is a Master degree in Social Work. Ms. Filson reports “if a participant does not possess a Master degree in Social Work they are rejected….” Sir, there are comparable Master degrees for Social Work. The fundamental nature of a Social Work degree is the required classroom work and courses.

According to the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), the primary mission of the social work profession is to enhance human well­being and help meet the basic human needs of all people, with particular attention to the needs and empowerment of people who are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty. A historic and defining feature of social work is the profession’s focus on individual well­being in a social context and the well­being of society. Fundamental to social work is attention to the environmental forces that create, contribute to, and address problems in living.

Social workers promote social justice and social change with and on behalf of clients. “Clients” is used inclusively to refer to individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. Social workers are sensitive to cultural and ethnic diversity and strive to end discrimination, oppression, poverty, and other forms of social injustice. These activities may be in the form of direct practice, community organizing, supervision, consultation administration, advocacy, social and political action, policy development and implementation, education, and research and evaluation. Social workers seek to enhance the capacity of people to address their own needs. Social workers also seek to promote the responsiveness of organizations, communities, and other social institutions to individuals’ needs and social problems. (NASW, 2008)

Sir, Ms. Filson reports in her review of my application, I have a Master degree in Community Counseling. Ms. Filson fails to consider my Master degree comes from the prestigious Roosevelt University in Chicago, an accredited and recognized university. Ms. Filson fails to consider my Master degree program major was Mental Health Counseling. Ms. Filson fails to consider I have similar classroom work and courses meeting the standards of a Master degree in Social Work, such as Foundations of Counseling (3 hrs-grade B), Topics & Issues in Human Development (3 hrs-B), Human Appraisal (3 hrs-grade C), Theories/Dynamic Group Counseling (3 hrs-grade A), Social & Cultural Foundations (3 hrs-grade A), Community Mental Health Counseling (3 hrs-grade B), Diagnosis & Treatment Planning (3 hrs-grade A), Topics in Substance Abuse (3 hrs-grade A), Statistics & Research Methods (3 hrs-grade A), Marriage and Family Counseling (3 hrs-grade A), Career and Lifestyle Planning (3 hrs-grade A), along with practicum (6 hrs-grade B) and internships (6 hrs-grade A). (Transcript attached)

Ms. Filson fails to consider my PhD course work in Human Services, focusing on Social Policy Analysis and Planning. Ms. Filson fails to consider my PhD will come from Walden University, an accredited and recognized university. Ms. Filson fails to consider I have similar, if not higher, class work and courses meeting the standards of a Master degree in Social Work, such as Theories of Societal Development (5 hrs), Research in Societal Development (5 hrs), Professional Practice & Societal Development (4 hrs); Theories of Human Development (5 hrs), Research in Human Development (5 hrs), Professional Practice & Human Development (4 hrs); Theories of Organization/Social Systems (5 hrs), Research in Organization/Social Systems (5 hrs), Professional Practice & Organization/Social Systems (4 hrs); Data Analysis in Human Service Research (5 hrs), Theory & Model for Professional Practice (5 hrs), Evaluation of Theory & Model (5 hrs), Integrating Theory & Practice (4 hrs); Theories of Intervention (5 hrs), Delivery Systems & Ethic Consideration (5 hrs), Strategy & Ethical Practice (4 hrs); Case Study Research & Applied Change (5 hrs), Case Study to Applied Change (5 hrs), Case Study of Applied Change (4 hrs); Research Forum (30 hrs) (Dissertation in progress). I have a total of 122 hours in my PhD program. I expect my PhD in Human Services with a focus on Social Policy Analysis and Planning in February of 2009. (Transcripts attached)

Sir, Ms. Filson reports the minimum qualifications for Social Worker II is a Master degree in Social Work from a recognized college or university supplemented by one year of professional social work experience in the evaluation and treatment/habilitation of mental illness, developmental disabled or other disabled persons. I have 13 years of social work experience.

Sir, why am I being held to a higher standard than similarly situated individuals? There are individuals working for the State of Illinois, in the capacity of a Social Worker, with comparable skills and degrees. This decision by Ms. Filson is indifferent and disparate treatment. It appears that whatever employment opportunity I pursue with the State of Illinois I am treated with biases and prejudices.

Sir, I am posting this letter on my blogs suggesting I meet the criteria further as outlined in NASW’s Preamble of their Code of Ethics, such as being an advocate for social justice and injustices among the many other parts of the criteria as my blogs will demonstrate.

Please re-consider my application for Social Worker II, giving me a passing grade because I meet the basic criteria of a social worker as described by the National Association of Social Workers. Ms. Filson’s letter is attached.

Respectfully submitted,

Fred Nance Jr., ABD, MA, CADC, NCRS


Ms. Crystal Filson

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Nursing Homes: Practices, Policies and Procedures – Do they have any and are they followed by staff?

Posted by C.L.I.C.K. for Social Change on December 23, 2008

Update: December 24, 2008
My uncle, Eddie Nance, is a veteran of World War II. When he had his stroke he was taken to the Veterans Administration (VA) hospital at 2122 West Taylor, Chicago, Illinois. His brother, Otha Nance, informed me that the VA hospital told him that Eddie Nance had to leave the hospital because they needed his bed and he was not sick enough to keep his bed at the VA hospital. Otha Nance states that is when Eddie Nance was transferred from the VA hospital to Warren Barr. Warren Barr Nursing Home housed Eddie Nance until they transferred Eddie to Lakeview Nursing Home.
The VA hospital should have kept my uncle. This is the way the United States of America treats its veterans.

December 23, 2008


Lakeview Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre, Inc.

Mr. Michael Elks, Administrator

735 West Diversey Parkway

Chicago, Illinois 60614


Re:         Eddie Nance – Patient


Mr. Elks:


On December 17, 2008 LPN nurse Ms. Marie called informing me my uncle Eddie Nance (Uncle) was scheduled to see dentist Dr. Horace Broy on December 23, 2008 at 8:30 am. Ms. Marie requested I accompany my uncle due to lack of personnel for transportation trips from Lakeview Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre, Inc. (Lakeview).  At approximately 8:15 am, I arrived at Dr. Broy’s dentistry office.


At approximately 8:20 am, I received a call from Ms. Marie stating my uncle would not be coming to his dentist appointment because there was no transportation for him. No one from Lakeview called Dr. Broy’s office informing them that my uncle was not going to be present for his dentist appointment. I informed Dr. Broy’s assistant that my uncle was not coming in for his dentist appointment.


 Ms. Marie informed me that Lakeview had engaged the transportation services of Lakeshore Medicar (Lakeshore), located at 2640 West Touhy Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60645. Ms. Marie informed me Lakeshore stated that taking my uncle to Dr. Broy’s office was “too far to go”. Mapquest reports this trip would be 11.24 miles and approximately 22 minutes travel time.


I called Lakeshore. I spoke to a person who informed me he was one of the owners. His name is Jimmy Syfu. Mr. Syfu informed me he received a fax from Lakeview reporting the pick-up for my uncle was 7:30 pm on December 23, 2008. Mr. Syfu states he immediately called Lakeview upon receiving this fax to inform them that Lakeshore closed at 6:00 pm, and that they could not fulfill the duties of picking my uncle up at this time. Mr. Syfu faxed me the document Lakeview sent to him. The document faxed to me from Ms. Syfu has the date December 22, 2008, 3:17P, Lakeview Nursin next to a schedule of names. My uncle’s name is on this schedule for pick-up on December 23, 2008 at 07:30 PM. The pick-up time should have been 7:30 am. Either Lakeview or Lakeshore should have been thinking “outside of the box” on this matter. It was not rocket science. It is a matter of discernment. It appears that no one cared.


I talked to Mr. Syfu who reports calling Lakeview on December 22, 2008 at approximately 2:26 pm asking for Lily Gonzalez. Ms. Gonzalez works for Lakeview.  Mr. Syfu informed me he was told that Ms. Gonzalez was gone for the day. Mr. Syfu states he talked to the afternoon office manager informing them that picking up my uncle at 7:30 pm was too late because their business is closed at that time. No one called Mr. Syfu informing him that the pick-up time on the fax he received from Lakeview had the wrong time on it. I asked Mr. Syfu if he could pick-up my uncle since he knows what is needed. Mr. Syfu informed me that due to scheduling he had no drivers for the pick-up on December 23, 2008.


I talked to Ms. Gonzalez on December 23, 2008 at approximately 8:35 am. She reports calling Lakeshore on December 23, 2008 asking them why they did not call her this morning. Ms. Gonzalez informed me it was “just a mistake.” I talked to Ms. Marie at approximately 8:40 am. Ms. Marie informed me she does not do transportation. Ms. Marie states one of her duties is that she schedules appointments for patient transportation and passes it on to the transportation department of Lakeview. On December 3, 2008 I met the manager for the transportation department. Her name is Maricel. I talked to Ms. Maricel on December 3, 2008 informing her my uncle needed transportation to his dentist appointment. I gave her the address to the dentist. Ms. Maricel informed me there would be no problem. Ms. Maricel stated that she only needed to know the appointment date and location. I have been told by Lakeview staff that Ms. Maricel is presently on vacation.


At approximately 8:50 am, I called Ms. Kathy Koenig, Lakeview’s Director of Nursing. I left a message on her answering machine requesting she call me about this issue. As of December 23, 2008 at 11:25 am, I have not received a call from her. I guess this issue is not important to her.


At approximately 9:00 am I received a call from Ms. Marie. She stated that Lakeshore had agreed to come and pick-up my uncle and take him to the dentist. I requested Ms. Marie to call the dentist to see if my uncle can still come for his dentistry needs. Ms. Marie called me back informing me my uncle would have to reschedule his appointment. Ms. Marie reports she rescheduled my uncle’s dentist appointment for December 30, 2008 at 10:00 am.


My uncle is 85-years-old. My uncle was transferred from Warren Barr Pavilion (Warren Barr), located at 66 West Oak Street, Chicago, Illinois 60610, on or about May 21, 2008 to Lakeview. Since May of 2008 I have been requesting dentistry needs for my uncle. Lakeview personnel have told me numerous times that he would be scheduled for his dentistry work. My uncle was never scheduled for dentistry work by Lakeview.


On December 3, 2008 at my uncle’s quarterly care plan meeting I informed Angela Vetrovic, David Barecki and Ann O’Donnell that I would schedule a dentistry appointment for my uncle with a dentist I know, which was Dr. Broy. Dr. Broy’s office called Lakeview. Lakeview, in turn, called Dr. Broy and scheduled December 23, 2008 at 8:30 am.


I want to suggest my uncle’s dentistry needs were not taken care of in May of 2008 because his financial base and nursing home payment had not been established. When my uncle was transferred from the VA hospital to Warren Barr then to Lakeview he did not have his Medicaid application filed or confirmed. The VA, Warren Barr and Lakeview knew my uncle received VA benefits totaling $680.00 and a form of Social Security with the acronym RSDI totaling $251.00. Since none of these entities took time to establish the relationship needed with Medicaid for payment of services for my uncle, I took the initiative upon my uncle entering Lakeview to establish a relationship with the State of Illinois, Department of Human Services (DHS). Even with my 14 years of social service work, this was a tedious task. On August 27, 2008 I received notice in the mail that my uncle had been approved for medical assistance.


In or about January of 2008 when my uncle was admitted to the VA hospital located at 2122 West Taylor Street, Chicago, Illinois 60612 due to complications from a stroke that has affected the right side of his body, the VA did not file an application for medical services with DHS. Warren Barr did not file an application for medical services with DHS when my uncle was transferred to their facility. For reasons unknown to me, the VA hospital put my uncle out and sent him to Warren Barr. Today, my uncle does not have movement of his right hand or right arm and he cannot speak, but Lakeview has stopped his speech therapy reporting there is no more they can do for him. I asked for documentation reporting this prognosis. Lakeview has suggested I call my uncle’s doctor to get this report. This is absurd.


If my uncle’s speech therapy has stopped because there is nothing more that can be done, it should be noted in his medical file. There is much more to tell, but I will not do it here. It may cloud the present issue of dentistry work and “real” speech therapy. I was told the speech therapy my uncle has received from Lakeview was concentrated on clearing his throat so he could reach his potential for “swallowing” food and liquids. This is ludicrous. On December 3, 2008 I requested speech therapy for developing speech patterns. I suggested at this meeting that my uncle’s dental issue may be a contributing factor to speech improvement.


Therefore, I am requesting Lakeview respond to the needs of my uncle in a timely and orderly fashion. I request appropriate action plans for assuring my uncle will not miss his scheduled appointments. I request my uncle’s doctor contact me about my uncle’s speech therapy and overall prognosis. Since I have not had appropriate attention to my uncle’s needs and communication from management regarding my issues, I am posting this writing on my blogs at,,, and  I will fax this correspondence to the Director of Nursing, Ms. Kathy Koenig; to Administrator Mr. Michael Elks; and to Lakeshore’s Mr. Jimmy Syfu.


I hope my uncle is not retaliated against by any entity listed here. If there are retaliatory acts of character and behavior from any entity, I will address them in the appropriate venue.


Respectfully submitted,



Fred Nance Jr., ABD, MA, CADC, NCRS

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